Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My first ambition

I came across this vacant post on RBA facebook link and I thought of Wendy..
I met an old friend from primary school name Wendy, last two months.. I can't recognize her until she speaks and remind me that we were schoolmates from primary school.. Then ahhh I remembered her voice and her name with her image back in school pop in my head!! Goshhhh.. hehe

Wendy is a Stewardess.. And guess what, she encourage me to apply for Stewardess! lol
I thought to myself, 'OMG, I'm going to fail the first interview' =P
Wendy pulled up my confident level, she said my height is acceptable, my look is just fine and insist I must apply.. lol
Well, I didn't apply ofcourse! =P

Honestly, back in primary school, my very first ambition was to become a Stewardess.. I gave up that ambition in Primary 3.. why?
BECAUSE my crazy friends back then said it's a risky job where airplane might clash.. I chicken out so I changed my ambition.. haha
Do you remember your first ambition? ;o)

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