Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the song name billionaire

Current weather in Brunei: Heavy Rain!

It's 18/8 already, the month of August seem to pass faster then last month.. Well, it's a good thing for me, I'm patiently counting the days and wishing October to come soon.. I'm not looking forward to my favourite month because it's my *ehemmmm* birthday but because I can see the bf.. COME BACK SOON!! hehe..

Poor bf been awfully stress for this semester, stress until I find him scary.. haha.. No la, he is still the same blur guy I'm in love with.. =) Sad that I don't own a plane so I can fly over to him anytime I want nor the bf is a billionaire who can sponsor me air ticket every weekend~ lol

Ohhhh, now a song appear in my head.. 'Billionaire by Travie Mccoy feat Bruno Mars'

*pat start singing in emo voice* "I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad, buy all the things I never had" blah blah blah.. =P

* * * * *

I watched 'The legend is born: IP MAN' few weeks ago, I love all the IP MAN movie.. 'wing chun' kungfu!! Too bad the character of Ip Man for this movie is not Donnie Yen, BUT it's still a good movie.. Highly recommend to watch~ =D

* * * * *

Yeah, tomorrow dinner at Misato for Ling Chi's birthday~~ SUSHI!! =) goodbye

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