Friday, May 09, 2008

Another book to go

This evening, I handed in the first book my boss ask me to read last week.. I was worried about him being in a bad mood as I keep hearing his voice so loud from his office room.. He was just talking on the phone oh, not shouting to a person.. hehe..

Well, lucky for me.. I went his room with my team leader with him.. He looks fine and happy I guess.. most importantly,I PASSED his first book.. phewfffff....... I was so scare he was going to ask me questions which needs high explanation answer.. Thanks God he wasn't that bad.. and Thanks to my team leader helping me when I'm so nervous that I paused blankly.. hehe..

So I was given another book to read again.. wth.. so bored with books already.. =(

Working into going this line of business after advertising from my previous company really confuse me out.. All I use to work for the pass two years are clicking away with my mouse on drawing and cutting programme.. While now, I have to start working with files, pens, calculator, excel, words, fax machine.. wth.. doing report some more.. *scream* Never mind it's good for my future career.. =p

This industry I'm going in really has alot of things to learn for now.. Quite interesting and bored sometime.. hehe.. Oh well, I hope I can learn things fast enough to catch up with the other team members.. Alright. my tummy is still pain, so I need to have my sleep now.. *go away pain* bah goodnight peeps.. *hugs*

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Rueburn said...

get well soon hor =D