Sunday, May 25, 2008

what a speed we have

WTH.....!!! How I wish I'm in some country with extreme fast Internet connection...!!! The line in Brunei really sucks big time, and what a shame our line here know as BROADBAND..!!!

I spend my whole Sunday today at home trying to watch Taiwan drama online.. and so stupid the episodes took so damnnnn loooonnnggggg to load.. and It totally make me so moodless to watch..

That why I have always prefer to directly buy DVD's rather than watching it online or downloading it.. COZ IT TAKES SO LONG TO COMPLETE..!! *Y&^%#$@#@#**&^&%#* *take deep breath* alright I feel at least abit better now.. and shall continue to wait for the series to load.. wth.. I feel so exciting watching online, who knows the connection turns out really bad like this..

Oh well, I just hope the speed shall improve soooonnnnnn.. If it ever gets to improve la.. wth.. =p

Jeffrey: Baby sis.. you had the look and body what.. you are just TOO PICKY..!
Momo: -__- I don't think so.. hahaha... =p


sheautze said...

phewwiit...body is really not bad la~look cute somemore

Jennifer said...

I totally agree with Jeffrey!! mm.. i m starting to think tat me n your bro might get along pretty well.. kekeke..

sheautze said...

yi~~ the drink is pink pink de o