Sunday, May 11, 2008

Scary strom I see

Wishing all lovely Moms out there a HAPPY MOTHER's DAY..

I treat my family to dinner.. and we went to May Fang restaurant and had Steamboat because the Queen of my heart wants to have steamboat.. Cheap and good.. It was a first try out for me at May Fang restaurant, not bad not bad.. While we were there, First, my Mama saw her colleagues.. Then my dad saw his friends.. Then I saw Thomas's Family.. wa.. Only my brother Patrick didn't saw anyone he know.. hehe..

* * * * *

I was out this afternoon for lunch with Siew Yii.. Actually it's tea time haha.. but I woke up at 2pm.. so it's still my lunch.. -__- I woke up at 9.30am but since I have nothing to do, I end up going to sleep at 11am.. siao liao me.. -__-

After eating we headed to Vincci, checking out shoes ofcoz.. and thank God I didn't buy any shoes.. I want to buy la, but must control.. cannot spend more $$$.. so torturing le.. *sighs*

I realise the price for Vinnci shoes seem to have increase.. I feel quite worry actually regarding issues on things are increasing.. Especially in Malaysia.. Price of petrol are really raising fast.. Foods also are increasing, from a plate of noodles to a cup of Milo.. Alot of Malaysian isn't satisfy with all this.. Who will be satisfy huh? Everything increase means high expenses and yet salary are still the same.. Who won't get worry?

By 5pm we were inside Q-lap Mall.. and when we were about to leave the place.. The entrance door flew open by itself and sands flew in.. The guards near the door quickly close and hold on to the glass door.. We went near the door to get a closer look at what's going on outside.. and OMG, the wind outside were so strong.. It lasted for a few minutes then it started to rain very heavily.. All this happen to quick that suddenly the rain slows down and we quickly leave the place..

And guess what we saw by the roadside?


No joke.. really a mini typhoon..

So dangerous ok.. what if at that moment there was a car there? Thank God the polyn sign didn't smash any car.. So scary ok, and I only have one thing in mind, OMG WHAT IF THE RAIN WON'T STOP AND FLOODS..!! Again, Thank God that the rain didn't last that long.. *sighs*

* * * * *

Anyway, I ate so much yesterday that I'm feeling so FAT.. In the afternoon, went for high tea at Royal Brunei Catering Restaurant with my ex ex colleagues.. So long I have not seen them.. and first comment from them is why the heck my face have pimple problem already.. sad me sad sad.. I also don't know how to answer.. I did a research on it and I think I'm having some hormone changes?? I'm not so sureeee.....

yours truly, Rachael, Lina and Christina (Ling)

I think it's time to train myself in using Make-up.. Women's favourite tools ever.. But I don't like Make up at allll... *sighs* I totally have to make up stuffs until last month during my Bangkok trip, I directly buy myself a set of Make up stuffs which cost me a bomb.. Why I buy? My lousy and pretty friends keep asking whether I'm a lady.. wth.. Don't know how to use make up also can't be lady.. So that's why you can hearing me eating on breads for another few more months.. wth..

At night, had Japanese food with my new colleagues.. Linda is resigning so she wanted to treat a few of staff to eat.. Ends up Uncle Lee treat us all.. so happy.. hehe.. Anyway it's time to stop talking about food and get myself to bed as it's 2am now.. ahhhh... GOODNIGHT people..


= FLoReNcE = said...

Walao..the strom is scary leh. age is getting older n older. Sometimes, we should put some make up to boost up our confidence. :)

Jennifer said...

"My LOUSY and pretty friends keep asking whether I'm a lady.. wth.."

mmm.. I wonder who are u refering to princess.. hemm.. LOUSY is a strong word to describe someone leh.. u better not be talking about ME!! ;oP

Patricia said...

@florence : hiaz.. true babe.. getting old.. have to admit liao.. hehe.. I will try to be rajinnnn... =p

@jennifer : OMG what a honour to have my very PRETTY not the LOUSY fren leaving me comment in my blog.. *so touch.. sampai I shall give u a kiss* wth.. haha.. Thanks for reading babe.. *hugs*