Thursday, May 08, 2008

Being lost

I'm feeling so lost this few days.. I gues it's due to me not doing anything at night.. *sighs* before stress about work, while now stress about being bored..

Really lost.. When can someone really 'click' and be there for me? I just wish for happiness.. I don't know what am I thinking sometime.. I feel sad.. Due to some reasons.. I'm starting to wonder why did I have to feel sad? I'm really confuse.. I guess it's just the feeling of losing.. I keep finding fault and unsatisfied thing about it.. So I don't really think the feelings are there.. *sighs* I wish I can break my head..

Had alot of things on my mind too.. Was thinking of looking for a part time job.. Looking for some classes which I can attend.. and wonder when I can fall in love again? Falling in love isn't hard, what's hard is the right person and time..

Anyway, I'm having stomachache this few days.. quite pain lo.. Don't know whether it's something I have ate.. *sighs*

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SilentB said...

Yo my dear friend! Why all of a sudden u feel so sentimental? Don't get too depress la i do feel like that too sometimes hehe. When lonely wil think lots of crapz.. But wat2do? jus try to optimize your time doing things you like lo =P Take care and stay cheerful ya :D