Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sing sing sing..!!

My throat is feeling terrible now.. and my ear drum are still feeling numb.. But I'm feeling happy...!! Extremely happy..

My ex-head supervisor invite me to join dinner with some of the ex-colleagues just now at 8pm.. At Brunei restaurant or was it call Bun-lai restaurant.. The foods are good and most of all they had Karaoke thingy there.. and I sang my lungs out tonight..!

For the first time in my life I was satisfy with my voice.. and I sang so bravely..*so proud of myself* Not one song like always, tonight I sang more than five songs.. It's a breaking record for me.. wth.. Whenever I hang out with my friends at K-Box or Fire in Miri, I seldom get to sing as usually there won't be much chances and I feel so shy as everyone is such a GREAT in singer..

But just now I sang so well that I was the top among all of us.. wth.. I couldn't believe myself.. The karaoke at Brunei restaurant is one of a kind.. After you finished your song you receive your singing score.. Guess what my top score just now was 96 out of 100...!! Hehe.. I sang "kai bu liao kou" by Jay Chou with Ah Khiong.. Then another song call " I'll stand by you" by The Pretenders I got 94...!! I sang solo ok.. wth..

I am so happy.. I don't want to leave this happy feeling.. I like that karaoke set there so much because it gives me high score.. wth.. bah.. I shall now enter dreamland with a huge smile on my face.. =p

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