Sunday, May 04, 2008

First day at Bangkok 22-4-2008

How was my new job huh?

Well, I haven't touch on my job yet.. My boss wanted me to study.. wth.. I was given books to study.. hehe.. I need to understand what are the company's services and procedure.. so have to study loh.. 3 books I tell, I feel tortured.. *sighs*

So I'm here to post pictures.. =p

First day towards Bangkok..

At the Miri Airport in the morning- Me, Jennifer, Shirley and Hao..

I like I like.. At the Kuala Lumpur airport.. Since we are only transit for three hours and so, we decide to hang around the airport for the next flight..

Look at Hao, so excited.. I know he is thinking of himself in REAL racing situation loh.. If not he won't be smiling like that.. haha.. No kidding, he even has fans right at the spot.. =p

Well well look who we saw in KL AIRPORT.. Tommy..!! College mate..!! It's been years since we last saw him.. Tommy is waiting for his flight back to Miri with his twin brother..

At the Bangkok Airport..

We went for Dinner at a restaurant nearby our hotel on the first night.. Nice atmosphere.. And that's my water.. Thailand mineral water ok.. Taste sweet sweet.. Really different..

After dinner we head to Lebua State Tower.. A pub located at the 64th floor of the building over looking Bangkok.. It was terrific.. The view and place just takes my breath away.. Totally beautiful.. But too bad we didn't manage to stay long as it starts to rain.. so sad.. I didn't even take enough pictures.. Love the place..

Great or not?

Breath taking or not?

So COOL ok.. wth..

At the lobby area.. I don't even feel like leaving the building..

White roses..

* * * * *

To be continued... wth =p

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