Friday, August 01, 2008

My achievement

Later in the afternoon it's time for me to face my presentation again.. Every week I got to face this and I have no idea when my boss going to set me free.. *sighs* I reach home at 8 plus from office.. And I have to Read Read Read Read a book which I'm not familiar with at all is really a torture.. At the same time giving me pressure to make this presentation good.. *double sighs*

Today, is a new month and It's been three months I have been in the new work place.. Three months of struggling to learn as fast as I can and to catch up with my team mates.. Putting pressure on myself to achieve the best..

The result.. I may not be prefect but I had receive encouraging words from my supervisor and team mates that I have really done well.. *sobs sobs* I'm so proud of myself.. wth.. and This to congrats myself, I'm going to buy myself something nice.. dum di dum dum.. O_o"' Well, I still have my boss level to pass.. who cares?? wth..

* * * * *


And so I'm now in the office blogging this part.. wth.. I couldn't read so I went to sleep.. I manage to force myself to wake up, finally able to get myself to read at 4.30am.. -___- *bless me*

* * * * *

Went to the Mall the other night and I was browsing through a stack of CD on sales for clearance.. And look at what I found..

I play it once I reach home and went to sleep.. wth.. I did listen to it again yesterday ok.. and Elvis voice is so GREAT!!!! Very romantic voice.. =D I like Elvis~~

If you went to the Mall you will get to see this pretty picture..

OF cozI'm talking about the poster, what you think? =p The little girl is so Cute and Pretty.. I just couldn't resist to stop myself to beg *ehem ehem* beg beg? Mr.Lim to help me take a picture with it.. -___- By the way, Thank you Mr.Lim for your kind help, there will be more of *Help- Me- Take- Picture* voice coming.. wth.. *bleh* =p


I received my FIRST ever office business card..!! FIRST..!! Ok ok, I know most of you had yours since ages or since your first job.. This is ME.. My FIRST stack of business card.. I feel so proud.. wth.. =D

And By the way, my boss comment me during the meeting today that I'm a fast learner, he praise that in two to three months I'm able to quote and handle by myself.. AND my team mates agree with boss.. OMG.. What an achievement I have made..!! *muaks to the people who have been supporting me* Love ya all.. =D


Ranjeet Kr. Vimal said...

congratulation for your business card ..
thanx for publicizing my blog..

Cl3m3nCe said...

congratulations for all your achievement. Keep it up girl!! we all knew you can do better. Love ya!!