Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Good looking actor always has good smiles =p

Tummy pain.. I hate it so.. The pain can make you looking like a half dead fish.. wth.. I think I ate something wrong.. but I have only been eating Bread?? *sobs sobs* I can't concentrate on my work.. =( go away pain..!!

* * * * *

I have finally watch MADE OF HONOR and I highly recommend it.. The movie is really Romantic and hilarious.. I just love this kind of movies.. Sweet sweet and Patrick Dempsey is so handsome..!! I love his SMILE.. *melt*

Nah show you more of his handsome face.. wth..

* * * * *

Also I have finally watch P.S. I LOVE YOU..

The story was touching and I have a feeling the book is great to read and I am sure going to cry more by reading.. There was something I learn from the movie.. Do not always quarrel with your husband or wife..!! Because if you happen to lose them you definitely feel regret and it will hunt you.. wth.. True bah.. And most importantly appreciate and understand your loves one..

ehem.. the actor is handsome too ok.. =p

* * * * *
A very pretty actress..

ALSO I finally watch 27 Dresses.. Another romantic and hilarious movie.. The story is basically simple.. A lady who love to be bride's bridesmaid.. And she keep every single dress she wore as a bridesmaid, 27 Dresses of it.. She came to fall in love with the wrong guy and met her Mr.Right in the end.. Happy ending.. What I like most is non other than - the actor has such a cute smile..!! he look so goodddd.... wth.. The End.. before that show you his picture.. see see see?? Bye.. =D

Ok this picture may not be the best.. Go watch the movie then you see his smile.. =p


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Cl3m3nCe said...

My girl, it seems like you have watched most of the highly recommended movies great i wish you are here or i was there to join :(

Btw, i've saw the book of P.S I love you in one of the bookshop here it's very expensive so i didnt chose the one but i bought the other from the same writer it was good too..