Friday, August 22, 2008

I wish he plans

Back form Dinner with Lee, Rachael, Ling and the others.. Lee and his wife look good together.. I can't talk much to him like how we use to, I know we still can but it feels awkward already.. =D I'm sure he will success in having his own business one day.. Good Luck Lee, thanks for the dinner..

* * * * *

My youngest brother received his form 5 exam result.. He obtain bad result again.. And this make my mama moody.. I have to get headache thinking of solutions for him.. He don't even know what he want to be.. All he knows is play games.. It really hurts me to see him like that.. He don't have plans for his future.. My mama get moody not at him BUT ME..!! Why I'm always the one being angry at? seem like everything is my fault.. How can I help him when he don't even want to help himself.. I really wish he can think maturely.. *sighs*


Snoopy said...

Cheers UP! There's always a solution for every problem. Don't blame anyone/urself, solve/face it.

Thomas Hii said...

don't blame yourself lah

Unintall his computer games.... change his password... format the computer if you want!! haha