Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What to buy.. Where to eat..

So my babes should be back from holiday by now.. Tons of pictures for me to view soon.. hehe..

Our house turns extremely quiet again.. The youngest prince went off to Kuching for holiday.. Our Mama birthday is next week and I haven't think of what to buy.. and where to bring my mama to eat.. I bet my brother won't be back by next week and that will mean only me and my papa celebrate..

The next office meeting is like the next next day and I have not prepare again.. I'm a dead meat..

I leave office late tonight and when I reach home it was almost 9pm.. Tired ok.. I have underestimate my work..

Sorry as I seldom update my blog again.. It's nice to have a faithful reader like Rueburn who instruct me to blog.. wth.. when is the next lunch on you again? haha..

My eyes are closing.. I need my bed now.. Goodnight all.. *hugs*

By the way Jenn what is this,
- "I've just won myself RM50 in a photogenic contest!! unbelievable.." by Bam Bam? OMG!!! True or not..!! Send me that picture..!! =p


Magician said...

Happi birthday to aunty.. ^^V

Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

good luck for ur coming meeting and WE ARE BACK!!!
i miss brunei and i MISS you liao!! momo..... :)
maybe u haven check out my pics in frenster... then u will find something...
haha...... go see go see

Rueburn said...

wah suddenly so much stuff to read. i better leave all this for tomorrow when i have my coffee =D lunch? can!! see when u free again loh. always busy here and there hahaha. need to go try something that i nv try before. for all those years i stayed in brunei haha

Rueburn said...

Gosh!! im a faithful reader!! >=P