Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wall E and Eve-vah

Wall E was funny and hmm.. funny!! haha.. Wall E is the sentimental type like me.. wth.. But I'm not a robot la.. wth.. Anyway, he is really one lonely robot and happy for him able to met Eve and fall in love.. =D


My favourite part is when Wall E call Eve as EEE-VAH.. haha.. Wall E's voice is very cute.. And the part where Wall E want to hold hands with Eve.. To me holding hands in a relationship is important.. Holding hands felt sweet, safe, just being the two of you, it's the touch of LOVE.. =p

Wall E isn't my favourite cartoon, instead my favourite is Presto..!!

What a face.. haha..

Presto shows at the start of the movie.. Presto is a magician and his bunny Alec is my favourite..!! Alec is so pity, he is kept in the cage.. And Presto bully Alec..!! Bad Presto because he don't want to feed Alec.. =(

I'm so in love with Alec.. He is such an adorable bunny.. If only I can hug him tight tight and bring him home.. wth.. If who ever see a bunny soft toy looking like Alec must tell me OK.. you hear me MUST.. =D

Alec so CUTEEEE.....!!!

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