Friday, August 15, 2008

To pull or not to pull?

If you happen to finds white hair will you pull it out? People who tend to have white at age from 20's onwards are usually because they inherit from their parents, some really is because of pressure, stress and problems keep them going on thinking and thinking..

And *sobs sobs* I got to admit, I do have a few strands of white hair.. Aiyo, I'm such a thinker.. I think of almost everything.. Sometime useless problem, tiny problems, work problems, BIG problems.. *woe is me* wth..

Anyway.. Normally I will pull it out.. Some people told me it's better not to pull it out as according to them the more you pull out the more it grows.. -____-"' *sobs* I'm actually starting to believe it.. Please tell me it's not true........ pleaseeeee..... please? wth..


Rueburn said...

i would actually want a few strand of white hair. can make me look more hardworking hahaha

Magician said...

Buai Dui