Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fated To Love You

And so.. 3 inches length of my hair was cut yesterday.. I find my hair too long so I couldn't stand it and went to shorten it.. Actually I wanted to cut short my hair like until my chin area, BUT my big face doesn't suit.. *sighs*

I went to a Salon at Kiulap and look for San to cut my hair.. Her skill is fine but the salon where she work is quite expensive.. Usually I will have my hair cut in Miri as there is a Salon which I trust and they cut well.. But then it's better for me to find a hair dresser which I trust here as not all the time must head down to Miri.. =D

* * * * *

Finally I'm done watching "Fated to Love You" a Taiwan Drama Series.. The drama is sweet and funny, a good movie to watch..

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