Saturday, November 29, 2008

Go Muffins Girls =D

Tonight is the company annual dinner.. Finally it has comes.. I'm feeling quite nervous, so my eyes are still wide awake now.. I hope our dance will go well..

I still don't know what to wear for tonight.. I have been busy preparing my dancing outfit instead.. haha.. I was going to wear my flower looking dress from CNY this year..

Who knows last night I went to Denise shop with Siew and Simi, Denise mom show me a long dress which suits me and my Hawaiian theme quite well.. haha.. And so I have a dress which I hope will look nice.. =)

Anyway.. Go Muffins Girls..!! (our team name) =D I hope tonight will be fun..

*back to my Meteor Garden 1 before sleep* I re-watch this drama again.. Still loving it like few years back.. =)

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