Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I don't want to cry =(

Things isn't going smooth in the office.. Problems seem to jump out every minute and hour.. Stressful.. Sometime I do wish I don't have to work.. Honestly I wish I can throw in my resignation letter.. *take deep breath in and out* I know I shouldn't give up easily.. but it's really too stressful.. It's not that I can't handle stress but this job is making me feel disappoint.. I don't mind stress actually as stress helps to develop one self.. I just don't know how to describe how I feel at this moment.. I'm just sad.. so sad.. *tears* =( *I wish everything will be fine*..


Jo Lin said...

don't so emo leh... most of us feel like 'long piak' when we're at work. Keep it together :3


Patricia said...

Hehe.. Thanks Jolin.. I'm just blogging to de-stress.. I'm fine at the end.. =)

SilentB said...

good way to release stress. but u blog quite frequently, guess u must be very stress eh sometimes -.-" haha anyway take care ya :)

Patricia said...

ah sunggg... hehe.. yea, I keep feeling stress for this current job.. hehe.. hope things get better next year lo.. u take care too.. =)