Sunday, November 02, 2008

A shooting stars =D

And so my weekend was tiring.. This afternoon I join my friends to....... "climb the hills" is this consider as hiking? oh well.. yea, went to climb the hills at Tasek Lama.. hehe..

Proper stairs and chairs

The pathway is nicely done already..

The modern playground

Tasek Lama have changed so much.. It's been a few years since I last went there.. I was amaze by how it looks now.. The parking lot has improve.. More people were there.. More Kids as now there's a proper playground.. Unlike before so quiet..

The old swing which I use to sit before has been replaced.. The swing which has memories for me..

familiar old feeling =)

I'm so weakkkk... I almost passed out.. *sobs* I'm not fit for such exercise.. *ehem ehem* I climb half way and my face turns so pale that others was worried but I insist then to go ahead without me..

The view from the spot I rest..

While I was resting, a kind heart lady help me out.. She advice me what to do, so I won't feel dizzy and when my face colour returns she continue up with her family.. I felt so happy and grateful.. God bless this kind lady..

* * * * *

Celebrate advance birthday for Eve and Denise at Cheezebox last night.. Both were so surprised that Eve thought the cake was for the next table.. Denise keep pushing the cake to Eve, coz she thought we celebrate Eve's b-day.. haha.. Mission success!!

After that we watched House Bunny.. Then tea session until 3am plus.. *woot* For a second we were looking and talking about stars.. Then I saw it...!!!!! A shooting star.. The first time I saw a shooting star!!! I was so excited and I really stop to make a wish.. haha.. Finally I saw one.. *big wet eyes* I love the stars and moon.. =D

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