Sunday, November 16, 2008

A good walkaton =)

I went for walkaton today! hehe.. I don't remember when was the last walkaton I went to, If I'm not wrong it was during the time I'm was in secondary 3 or 4.. hehe.. So long ago..

It was fun today.. I guess it's the matter of who we went together.. Because it's better if we talk and walk through out the whole walkaton.. Won't feel tired easily.. So it's better to walk with people who are crazy at camwhore and fun.. *ehem ehem* like the 5 of us this morning.. *wink* haha..!! =D

I really would prefer walkaton then hiking.. Hopefully it will be a trend for us to have walkaton session every Sunday morning.. hehe.. =p

Last night went to Jolin's house for Sotong ball and KTV session.. Jolin's mom sotong ball recipe really taste great.. I wonder when is the next Sotong ball session.. Hehe.. =)

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