Sunday, November 30, 2008

Aloha.. Aloha.. Aloha..

Annual dinner has end.. All has end.. hehe.. The annual dinner was alright.. It was held at the Sheraton Hotel's ballroom.. Lots of foods!! But I didn't manage to try it all because had to get change and get ready for the performance..

Aloha from me and Angel.. =D

The muffins girls won third place in the dance performance.. What did we won? Only B$150 which we are going to use it for a big feast..

Me and Blu in our outfit.. I love our tie *grins*

At the beginning the dinner was bored, and everything was in a rush.. Luckily it turns out fun after a few hours..

This ladies are hot I tell you.. Men turns women..!! haha..

And this lady here is the best looking one that night.. haha..!! I wonder where did he get his clothes from.. =p

There few quite a few good prizes for the lucky draw.. Big gifts are out of my reach.. I got myself a SPA bath therapy which I'm going to keep it in my travelling bag~~ hehe.. well, my gift is better than some other colleague who gotten a STAPLE...!!! I have no idea why the heck they give staple as a lucky draw.. Who ever got it must be very pissed off lor~~ hehe..

If I can go to Hawaii.. =)

Wonder how will next year Annual Dinner be like.. I hope it will be fun.. hehe.. =)

I had my second slow dance.. kinda sweet but not with the right person..


Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

i wish t go hawaii also.... mn..... not the right person u dance with? i hope u can find ur mr right soon momo~

Patricia said...

Aloha Tze..!! hehe.. let's go to the beach.. I miss going there with you and the babesssss...