Friday, November 21, 2008

Blame Sensei Mojojo and Cookie Monster.... =D

At first I couldn't sleep, well.. Sensei Mojojo and Cookie Monster brainwash me.. Making me think of stuffs.. Think also no use.. Make myself sad only..~~ And so I edit some pictures to post.. My blog looks empty without pictures.. So here so out-dated pictures.. Good night all.. =)

Been to the new Excapade at Serusop yet? The tea- self service.. Hehe.. The place very small.. I don't like.. I still prefer Gadong branch..

Ahh.. Kimchi fried rice.. thanks..

I miss the beach.. This during Han Lie b-day at Berakas beach..

What am I holding?

Don't play play oh.. I really hold such big umbrella on the beach.. haha.. raining bah~ lalala.. =p

BBQ night at Rueburn's house.. Some of the ladies.. Sensei Mojojo is in it.. hehe..

ANDDD Meet Sui Mai...!! He is so cuteeee, his name also cute... His fur so thick and nice... I want to kidnap him home.. =p

Rueburn..! Proof a pic of me and sui mai.. I sense that he like me.. hohoho... =D

To end my post.... The famous Ruby Rueburn.. He got KO and was trembling.. and look at that Rue's blankie... awww... hehe..
At the back with the peace sign is Cookie Monster.. tsk tsk tsk.. =)


sheautze said...

dehhh i miss the pantaiiiiiiiiiiiii so much

Rueburn Liang said...

omg! i just realized my blanket is colorful and flowery! -_-"