Sunday, November 09, 2008

Around we go at the Diamond fountain

I have been thinking today.. Thought of why some things happen the way it is.. When we wanted it to be the way we thought or plan, but turns out to be the other way round.. I do appreciate good things, but sometime it's not that I don't want to.. Sometime it's because the feeling isn't right..
* * * * *
I miss out breakfast this morning with a few friends.. After tea at De'fountain last night, we all head home.. As I arrive home, Simz call me up and so I end up at Jerudong Park.. All we do there is walk around the diamond fountain once (to get money luck.. haha.. *wink wink*) then stand at the parking lot and talk for another hour.. haha.. We should have head to the beach instead.. Then atleast I can look at the stars..

They suggest to head down to bandar town to hunt of something.. *ehem ehem* I end up going home first.. to sleep.. haha.. Then I was suppose to meet them for breakfast after their hunting session.. who knows, I set my alarm at the wrong time as I thought the coffee shop open at 6am which suppose is at 5am.. *sighs* We have to look for some entertainment in Brunei.. Then we won't always have to think what should we do.. any suggestion? hehe..

And so now I'm resting at home.. Jennifer was surprise to see me online from morning until now.. Keep questioning why I'm not out of the house.. hehe.. My reason will be lazy~~ hehe.. Tonight will be heading to Rueburn's house for BBQ and I bet we gonna be there until late so I better be good and stay home first.. =p I shall now return to my "miss no good" Taiwan drama.. BYE~~

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Rueburn said...

hahaha!! diamond fountain good!! =D we were the first customer at both the tamu and CJC! ^^v