Sunday, November 23, 2008

Simi being Angel for a night

Things are turning weird.. Things happen from what I see is different from those I heard.. how come some people can be so fake and drama? -____-

* * * * *

Last night the Fifteen of us gave Devil Simi a surprise birthday dinner at Savy in Bandar.. We gave her a chance to turn Angel for the night.. so during the dinner we al turn up dress in black and Simi was so surprise that she was the only one in white.. haha..

Chu chu got her very cute looking cupcake as her cake.. Jolin made her a pair of wings and we got her a halo too.. haha.. It was a great a dinner..

After that we went to a opening party at Nails & Wax, open by Simi's friend.. A place for women.. Hehe.. The place look good and feel comfortable.. I'm not that into nail design thingy yet, so I don't know when I will go and try out and comment.. Hehe.. For those who knows the place, go try it.. =)

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