Saturday, October 31, 2009

Prague Chamber Orchestra

Last night I went to attend an Orchestra~ My first experience..!! yipieee so excited before heading to ICC.. The Orchestra was held at ICC.. "Prague Chamber Orchestra" by Toyota Classic =)

yours truly~ ^^

Thanks to Kath!! She invite me to this Orchestra.. Also her first experience.. ^^ we both enjoy the performance very muchieee.. ^^

The beautiful Soprano.. Marie Fajtova

Her voice is great and strong.. She is so skinny! hehe.. ^^

The handsome Conductor.. Charles Olivieri-Munroe..

The performer's instrument last night: Violins, Violas, Cellos, Contrabasses, Flutes, Oboses, Clarinets, Bassoons, Horns, Trumpets & Timpani.. ^^ I love violins and cellos~~ =D

The shows end~

with huge and long applause.. until everyone stands and continue clapping..

The End~ It was really a good performance.. I love it alot.. Next year I defitnetly will go again.. ^^

With SY.. long time no see her, pretty as usual..

We took this during the intermission..

Wendy went there with her colleagues..

I like this picture..!! see my smile? notice anything different? haha..

Guess what's this? hehe.. This is the backdrop for the UBD graduates today held at ICC also.. The backdrop so nice, ofcourse must take a picture.. haha.. Lots of my friends from CHMS & SMMG graduate today.. If I join them at UBD, I also will graduate with them.. hehe..

Congrats to all my ex fellow classmate who graduate today!! Finally we can discuss about work stress.. Welcome~ haha.. =p I had a great night.. =)

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