Monday, May 03, 2010

Walkaton 2010

It's the month of May!


Saturday was fun.. My colleagues organize a lunch gathering in the office.. Then Hiang and Victor came to Bandar and we have a movie marathon together with Chienz.. We watched IP Man 2 and Iron Man 2..

Both were good, but I prefer IP Man 2..

For Iron Man 2, other than liking the suit and the technology.. I like watching Scarlett Johansson~ HOT!!

Later that night after dinner at Thiam Hock, I had tea with Ray and the rest.. And met new friends, Angie and SueSan! Two pretty and friendly ladies from Penang.. =)

Yesterday! Sunday morning at 6am, went for walkaton organize by the Ministry of Health in-conjunction for Labour Day celebration.. Quite alot of companies involve..

I almost miss out this event because I overslept.. I wasn't planning to sleep when I reach home around 4am.. But Wei Ru force me to sleep and he said he will wake me up, who knows after 22 calls I'm still not awake until Blu call.. yieeekkksssss.. Well, we all enjoy the walkaton and it's easy because the path are straight-flat.. haha..

Team- Sher, me, Angel and Blu

Two of my favourite people in the office.. Having them makes my daily life in the office happier.. but sobs.. Blu is resigning by end of the month.. She has made her decision to take challenge and I can't bear to say goodbye but as a good friend/colleague I'll definitely support her decision.. =)

And 1/5/2010, my 2nd year in this company.. when will it be my turn to break free? *wink*

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