Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finally proper office.. hehe..

Last Saturday and yesterday, I went to see our new office.. Above picture is at our main building.. Well, WE ARE FINALLY MOVING.. By end of this week all our stuffs have to be move and starting of June we all will be working at our new office.. hehe..
And they install access card almost everywhere, can't be late anymore.. so sad.. =P
I hope with the new environment, I will feel better about my job.. Let's see then~ hehe.. We, the marketing department will be at the back of the main building.. We have the place all to ourselves.. hohoho.. And I will have a cubicle desk! yeaahhh~
There is my seat! hehe.. Welcome to visit me at my new work place next month! =D
Ahhhh~ Eat too much chocolate already.. =x
I think grocery shopping is fun with people you love.. =)

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