Friday, May 07, 2010

kiss on forehead ♥

Today is my boss's birthday, we try to surprise him by celebrating with him.. But it didn't happen, because something came up and my boss had to be out of the office sorting some problems with meetings..

Looking at his stress out and unhappy face, I kinda pity him.. I hope he have a proper relax celebration with his girlfriend and family.. =)

* * * * *

Yesterday, I was feeling hungry in the office and I beg Blu for some food.. lol.. and she gave me her most favourite biscuit.. lalalalala.. and I like it very much! Mint flavour! yum yum..

* * * * *

I just reach home from Marcus's place.. Ah Soon called me over to drink.. Audrey bought a cute glass-board game to play.. It's the version of Plane board game..
I have no idea how many shots I have drank at losing, thank god I have Cindy as a team partner.. hehe.. My head is feeling abit dizzy now.. off to bed.. Goodnight~

-Disappointment can't get you down unless you let it, optimism is a surefire antidote for the blues-

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