Saturday, May 29, 2010

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pack pack pack: my luggage.. I dislike doing packing.. Because I take long hours to pack eventhough it's just a weekend trip! hehe.. Yessss, Tomorrow it's Saturday and I'm going for a WEEKEND TRIP to Kota Kinabalu! I have been waiting for this trip to arrive since last month, I need a short break.. Actually this trip, I plan to head to the island there but can't because Stephy is pregnant, not allow to ride boat.. =) So we are going to visit other places instead.. hmmm I wonder where we should go~

Tomorrow me and my colleagues are going to be very very busy again.. This whole week other than being busy with our own work, we are all busy packing up our office stuffs.. Tomorrow is the day we are officially moving to our new office! =D

Ahhh.. the other pig has said Goodnight.. so GOODNIGHT! =)
Continue packing later in the morning.. hehe..

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