Monday, May 10, 2010

Take down that mask of yours

Some people wear a mask to face their friends.. They laugh and joke with you but they talk bad about you with others.. You thought they knew you the best.. You protect them when others talk bad about them, yet in return you found out they don't treat you the way you treat them..
Because you have more friends? because you hang out with different people/groups? because you go out for dinner/dates without telling? because you are being secretive? Just because of these they find you annoying? This kind of friends are not worth for you to cherish..

* * * * *

Below are pictures- I took in the afternoon today on my way back home for lunch.. The weather is about to rain, the cloud is pitch black gloomy.. No wonder I fell asleep and because I overslept, I didn't had lunch.. =S

look kinda scray right? @_@

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