Friday, May 14, 2010

Pink cooler notepad

Pictures~~ ^^

This is Pandan Bao(Bun) which me and Chienz had at Phongmum Restaurant last weekend as our late lunch..

Then last Sunday, when I was waiting for Eve at her shop, Sopan Enterprise.. I play with the colour effect camera from my Nokia N97.. simple and nice right?? =P

* * * * *

Me and Chienz's niece, 66! hehe..

This is mine~~ My pink cooler infinite notepad! wuhuuu.. thanks to Chienz for helping me buy from Miri PC Fair! It's really really REALLY a good cooler notepad.. and it's PINK!! hehe.. Chienz comment the pink is ugly -____- but SY and PY both confirm I would love it.. =D

* * * * *

To end my post, here is a pretty tattoo design which I saw last night.. =)

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katherine said...

me like the last pic of the tattoo.. its very very nice lo.. nice colour blending too.. black and white.. hahahahah... :p