Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blu's Farewell Dinner

I don't feel well~ @_@ blur blur de..

Me and a few of my colleagues organize a farewell dinner for Blu at Polo Club last night.. The environment was good, we book the open air space overlooking the beach.. The food was good,but small in portion.. not worth the price but worth the environment.. hoho..

After that some of us head for a drink with boss.. and boss seem to forget we have to work the next day! We all end our night before 2am.. gossshhh.. Thank god today is Saturday, I think I'm going to be sick.. @_@ Anyway, the night was great.. Full of laughter and most important of all, Blu had a great time.. =)

Later need to drive my mum down to Miri.. oh my bed, can I stay home instead? =S CANNOT.. snifffffff.. =P

Blu my lubla~ seeing and talking to her for almost everyday for the past two years minus the Sundays and Public holidays.. Blu my partner at work! gossshh I'm really going to miss her alot.. sniff.. She warn me not to cry on her last day of work~ I don't think I can control that.. hehe..

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