Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wisdom tooth: I have all four =_=

Yesterday I had to bring my mum down to Miri for her dental appointment.. and since I'm there, might as well have my teeth clean-up.. I ask the dentist how many wisdom tooth I have, she said I already have all four of my wisdom tooth out.. =_= walau, no wonder I have so many white hair and I feel oldddddd.. haha.. sighs.. According to the dentist I need to pull out two of my wisdom tooth.. I'm afraid of pain!! yieeksss..

* * * * *

I miss my babes..
Jenn, Joan, Shirley, Tze, Nicole, Kelly, Chai yu and Stephy~
year 2007! At KTV-FIRE, on Jenn's birthday.. we all look young~ lol
miss you all very much..

* * * * *

This is a nice song by Karen Mok,莫文蔚: '如果没有你'
*sing: Hey, I really miss you.. Look out of the window, It's starting to rain.. Tears have dry up, yet I still feel like crying.. There are words to tell you, but where should I start from.. I wonder if you miss me too*
I want to memorize this song!! =D

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