Friday, September 11, 2009

11-9-2009.. (911, God bless all families who lost their love one 8 years ago)

As I type this post it's 4.16am.. I did sleep but just for that few minutes just now then wake up and have been on FB until now.. yieks.. Since I'm awake so I decide to change my FB profile picture.. haha..

I'm still feeling kinda bloated from the buffet last night.. Had this Sungkai buffet at Orchid Garden Hotel with Kath, Chien, Ling, Elaine and Elwin.. oh well, nothing VERY special actually.. I thought it was SUPER good but nope.. Should have go to ilotus instead.. but cannot, one buffet is enough already.. This is the first Sungkai buffet I went to this year.. should be enough.. =p

Then after dropping Chien home I went to meet Clemence.. She reach town late evening last night and will be back Miri today.. =( Just talk for few hour only.. not enough lorrr..
"Girl, I'm glad you are slowly achieving your dream =)"..

She can always help me clear my mind just like Jenn whenever I pour out my problem.. Difference is that she tend to give me hint on decision which I should make.. I'm really bad at making decision.. She remind me not to make the same mistake again which I know and that's what I have been worrying about sometime.. *sighs*

I know I should stand firm on my decision now which from the start have been on my mind.. as she is right.. I know what I should do, It's just that I can't bear to lose it.. Nowadays I have this feeling making me afraid.. I'm afraid the eager I want, I'm going to end up feeling regret and back off at the last minute.. *sighs* A year ago, I gave up.. Sorry, this time I think I'm giving up again.. =S

* * * * *

I have been looking for this song for so long.. years maybe.. hehe.. I love this song, it's from a Singapore drama which I watched years ago.. Finally found it, how? In FB posted by Gina.. hehe.. I think we have the same taste for nice songs.. =D

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