Friday, September 04, 2009


Watched 'Final Destination' last night with Kath, Beng, Steven, Wallace and their friends.. Bump into a few familiar people.. Thanis, Lily and this guy who is CCH friend.. A friend who once help us send drunk people like Eve, SY and Chu back to hotel in Miri.. hehe.. I think his name is Kevin..

Anyway.. the movie is yucky.. I don't like it.. I find it sick.. head flew off, eye got shot, body get cut off, and so on etc disgusting scene.. I make myself sleep at some part so I don't have to watch it.. haha.. I was sitting at the edge of my chair already, because Kath beside, her arm raise up wanting to grab me whenever she feel scare.. haha..

I enjoy the friends who I went with.. It's been awhile that I catch a new show movie with lots of people and seeing friends.. =)

After the movie me and Kath went off to Kim's house.. where we was going to give Siew a surprise birthday gathering.. ends up she discover this surprise.. boo.. haha.. Anyway.. great seeing everyone there early this morning.. The cake was great too.. And Siew was happy which is best for us.. =) So again Happy Birthday to dearest Siew.. =D

I'm now in the office, just got back from lunch.. Had the usual Friday kolo mee lunch at berangan with Chien.. Ray joined us too.. Kath left before me and Chien arrive..

I can't wait for tomorrow to come.. Saturday half day then it's the long weekend holiday!! YESSSHHHH.. Beloved boss send out memo last night announcing this good news.. yipeee... CCH and some are heading to club tomorrow night.. Eeee... I so want to go but I'm lazy to drive down myself.. go or no go? sighs..

Happy for Chien that she manage to negotiate to get half day on Saturday from now on.. congrats to this lucky lady lo.. now I have more Kaki to spend Saturday afternoon with.. Other than Elaine and those 'TAI-CE' rich kid like Ray abd Royce.. =p *wink*

Anyway.. off to work for now.. siennnn... work is so sienn... ciaoz..

P.S. Dream T.. make me feel guilty.. =S

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