Monday, September 28, 2009


Early morning I reach office, I kena -hit red bomb.. Our office CS Acting Manager's wedding dinner next month.. Luckily it's not the same day with Jenn or Shirley's.. phiewww.. hehe..

OMG.. Month of October is really a good month for wedding huh.. It's going to be a busy busy BUSY month for me.. I need to attend three wedding functions.. Other than wedding function there is also the Mooncake festival to look forward to, Jenn-Shirley-Tze's Hens night, my dad's birthday and ME ME ME birthday.. =D

* * * * *

Congrats to Kath & Joan's family on the opening of YouME restaurant at Menglait.. The Hii's family took over the restaurant, 100% good business all the time yo.. I went there for lunch yesterday, not much renovation done but ofcourse most importantly the food has to be good and it's good there.. by the way they have nasi lemak!! yeaaaa... =D

Yesterday Tze came to Bandar for shopping and to take picture at the nicely decorate NBT.. Tze seldom come to Bandar already.. I miss all the photo taking time with her.. hehe.. And I miss Ah B already.. She is soooooo cuteeeee, but naughty!! hehe..

Think back I feel like I have done alot of things this month.. Attend Elizabeth's wedding last Saturday, attend colleagues Hari Raya open house, went to one with Connie last night - her STRPI classmate, had a good lunch with Chien, Pei yong & Kah Wang treat by Tze Wei - best snow fish I had lo, went to Kota Kinabalu with Elaine and her colleagues, met more new friends and etc etc etc etc happening things in KK.. Shall blog about my KK trip soon I think.. =p ok.. good day everyone..

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