Saturday, September 12, 2009

next to me isn't the one

Gerard Butler - Mike & Katherine Heigl - Abby

I watched "The Ugly Truth" movie this afternoon.. Ahhhh.. It's a good movie!! Very good.. hehe.. I like I like.. I think I'm going to get it's DVD.. hehe.. I like the scene where the couple, Abby & Mike dance.. and the part where they ride the hot air balloon..!! I want to ride the hot air balloon..!! the view from up high high above is so pretty.. =D

I cry at this one part where Mike wanted to tell Abby that he likes her and went to find her but because he saw her boyfriend so he back off.. but Abby runs after him and gave him a chance to tell her his feeling, but Mike didn't.. so sad...........

It's like I can just feel Abby's disappointment.. and I thought to myself, guys and their ego.. duh.. never mind.. at last it's a happy ending story.. =)

When the movie ends, the song "Right Round" by Flo rida plays and I thought of Jenn directly.. haha.. She actually wanted that song as her wedding song entrance.. Thank God she was justtttttttt joking.. hehe..

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