Wednesday, September 09, 2009

0909090909 <3 <3

It's 090909 day!! and I purposely save this post at 0909090909 too.. hehe.. ^^

I think I'm going to start publishing my post soon.. hehe..

Anyway.. Congrats to Jennifer and Shirley as it's their sealed the day.. Wish them happiness..

Their wedding ceremony is next month.. coming real soon.. I have found the purple dress which is needed on Jenn's wedding day in the morning, done too for Shirley's since she prepare the material for us "sisters".. Now hunting dress for dinner on both of their wedding night.. I have been pressure to look good.. =S the brides want to be matchmaker.. oh o.. haha..

Don't know why but this 090909 day kinda make me happy and excited.. It's such a nice date!! Lots of couple register on this special day.. ^^ It would be nice if everyday is like today.. =D

* * * * *

Last night was the small gathering Sungkai buffet night with my secondary ex-classmate.. I thought Sungkai - open fast was at 6.45pm.. who knows it was actually earlier then I thought and I wasn't been inform so I arrive at Detymz restaurant late and didn't get to eat.. haha.. =p

So happy to see them all..!! =) and yieks.. even Fadz ask why my blog no update.. =p

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