Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today seem like a happy day~~ Doesn't feel rush at all.. pray pray my desk phone won't ring.. wth.. I just type this and the stupid phone rang.. *&%^#*$&%

OKok.. settle the customer already.. Anyway.. I pass my mum $$$ early this morning to pay for my baby car insurance which is due end of this month.. goodbye $$$.. I look at my baby car, "tsk tsk tsk, high maintance you!" then get in the car and drove to work.. late as usual.. =S

* * * * *

Yesterday I went to B.Bank to complain about my cash being debit twice thingy and good thing that the complain went smooth.. I actually didn't explain much.. The lady at the counter is good..

I told her "my-money-debit-twice".. She took my debit card, check check and explain to me.. fill form for me, I sign the form.. photocopy necessary stuff.. and it's done.. That's what I call good service!!! =D Since I'm there, I cancel off my Amex.. Better cancel before I start to use it.. bad bad card.. =S

* * * * *

Today is 15/9.. I can't wait for Hari Raya holidayssssss.. I'm excited about the moon sighting on 19/9.. PRAY PRAY that 1st day of Raya is on 21/9.. oh PLSSSS..

Sighs.. now only 10.40am.. can fast forward to 12pm or not.. sien.. but good thing is the boss is not in the office.. so I can slack.. wakakaka.. Anyway, I was plannig to stay home again tonight, but can't anymore.. sien.. I have to join my supervisor for dinner with client..

* * * * *

Oh ya.. My dad hang a "amulet"?? -I-don't-know-what's-it-call- in my baby car today.. It's something like protecing or blessing thingy.. Fengshui master gave him yesterday.. I look at the "amulet" then at the cross I hang.. Look at both of it and wonder, "wuu.. both blessing from Lord and Buddha in my baby car" hehe..

I can't say no to my dad for hanging the "amulet", my dad is being caring.. ahhh so happy neh.. hehe.. Luckily I'm a free-thinker.. hohohoz.. =D

* * * * *

I found this peice of news.. wakao this Kanye West.. not good, no respect all.. Interrupt Taylor Swift when she gave her speech on receiving an award for Best Female Music Video with her song "you belong with me".. Taylor Swift is talented like the other artists, she deserve to win an award too.. I support Taylor Swift..

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