Tuesday, September 29, 2009

black out black out.. I don't like black out!!

So sleepy..

Last nightI went to the petrol station at Gadong to feed my baby car, as soon as the pump head was put into my car tanker the whole petrol station went dark.. wth.. The whole of gadong area was in total darkness.. I quickly went off to find a petrol station with eletricity..

It was really a major black out.. Soooooo manyyyyy area in Brunei got affected.. I went driving around before heading home, listening to the radio.. The DJ from Kristal FM announce area like Gadong, Kiarong, Kiulap, some part of delima, mentiri, Tutong, Lumut, KB etc.. When I reach home, thanks god there is lights.. =)

I read just now.. seem like the citizen of Brunei are very very unhappy about it lo.. =S Explain that "Power supply in the Brunei-Muara, Tutong and Belait Districts were disrupted yesterday evening around half past seven following a massive shutdown of the turbine generators at the Gadong Power Station." so terrible yo.. =S no next time please..

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