Thursday, September 10, 2009


I thought of you and I wonder how are you lately..
* * * * * * *

I received a big big surprise news late evening yesterday.. CHUA SHEAU TZE is MARRIED too!!! wakaoo this chabo ah.. give me heart attack.. Luckily Angel, my colleagu said to me, "Pat, I saw your friend Masaki in the newspaper today on the wedding column.." I terus.. O_O whatttt.. Rupanya this chabo with Alvin, diam diam register without telling us.. haha..

HAHA.. Really a big surprise Tze.. please don't surprise me too much ok.. haha.. I'm really happy for her.. May she be bless with happiness 090909.. CONGRATS to Tze and Alvin..!! Hello Mrs. Lim.. Can't wait for your wedding photos and wedding day!!Love you!! *muaks* =)

Love you all --> Mrs. Lim, Mrs. Ong & Mrs. Chai.. yieksss.. I feel the pressureeeee already.. omg omg.. haha.. ~ oh my happiness where are you?~ *wink* =p

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