Thursday, September 03, 2009

Clemence and Jie's birthday

Before I start typing.. I was looking at all my post which I have not publish.. wow.. One month!! I have not publish (or you consider blog) for a month.. wuuu... hehe..

Well I did not publish my few post becuase it's EMO post.. So I prefer not to post it.. I might get complain for blogging to much EMO post.. haha.. =p

Today is my best friend birthday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!! muaks muaks.. I miss you lots lots.. hope you like the pressie even though it's not as small as you want.. haha.. I'm sure Lei Ang will get you the small pressie you want..=p Thanks to Lei Ang for being the delivery man.. hehe..

Yesterday is ah Jie's birthdayyyyy... I miss her terribly too.. I wonder if her tummy is visible big now.. hehe..

I ate tasty maggie mee goreng last night.. Second time cook for me.. not bad not bad.. Eight to go.. I wonder if I can claim all ten.. *maybe*

I had tea with Elaine on Monday night, 1/9.. We went to Q-lap mall where I manage to find the purple dress I need for Jenn's big day.. I still need to bring it to the tailor to get it amend abit.. hmm.. Then off to tea where we had a long talk..We both share talks on our past relationship and guys who went after us..

She is one of the many people who scold me for losing alot of good opportunity.. Those relationship are good, but always it's either the career or personality which make me reject them.. yieks.. but she agrees with the reasons why I reject lorrr.. hehe.. lalalalala.. goodbye for now.. =D

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