Friday, October 09, 2009


Today is 09/10/09.. not a bad date actually.. Tomorrow is 10/10/09.. extra nice too.. hehe.. 10/10/09 I bet alot of couples will get married on this day.. And one of them is none other than my babe Jenn, also a special day for my colleague.. =p

Tomorrow night I will get to see alot of the college mates.. it's like a gathering for us.. hehe.. too bad those at Sibu & KL can't fly back to attend.. Kelly will be back from Singapore.. eeee can't wait to see her.. and who else will be there? lets wait for tomorrow night.. =)

After work today I will head down to Miri.. did my last minute packing this morning, wake up super early.. done at last.. shoes & dress are safe in my baby car.. =) I'm going to drive down alone.. I was suppose to go down with Dan & Joan but due to some circumstances, change of plan.. hehe..

I did thought of celebrating my birthday in advance in Miri.. but again due to some circumstances, I end up not having the mood to celebrate anymore.. don't feel like doing anything..

I hate my job.. =S
Have a great weekend people~~


- j o a n - said...

sorry gal tat u need to drive down ur own the very last minute!!

we come back brunei n have a great bday party k... wat do u wan gal??

Patricia said...

last last better drive down also bcoz need to drive my brother around.. hehe.. nvm.. next next week I follow you two down..

back brunei ah? haha.. no need great party.. A b-day cake is enough de.. =D