Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I fell down early this morning today.. in the bathroom.. T_T There is now a big greyish-black mark on my leg.. my left big toe hurt too.. painnnnnn.. I feel so clumsy.. =S

My leave is approved for this Saturday.. happy and I can't wait for Sarurday to come.. but my face is still fat and round, is there any camera which instantly take my face looking sharp? hohohozzz... *add this sort of camera into my birthday wish list* =p

Oh my oh my.. My babe Jennifer is getting married.. I'm going to miss her room & bam bam the most.. wth.. hehe.. Can't wait to have FUN on Saturday.. I pity the guys.. muhaha!!

I had 'Ayam Penyet' (chicken & rice with spicy sos) for lunch today.. super spicyyyyy.. but I like the chicken.. I salute those who can eat spice like drinking water..

I want a new handphone.. I want a Nokia E75 or N97 please.. If I wish for this on my birthday will it come true? hehe..


- j o a n - said...

I've already MISSED Jenn's bed 5 months agoooooooooooo~~~ LOL!!!

But lucky need jaga me and kick me aside liao... u n Jenn conquer the bed without me.. LOL!!

Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

i miss her bed for a yr...
i lov her room not but her dog.. =( takut bam bam!haha