Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend was tired yet happy.. 24/10/09 =)

What a weekend I had..

It was good but tiring.. I still feel restless today.. Wish I'm back in my bed.. Wish I can just blog for living.. Nuffnang got based in Sarawak or Brunei kah?? hehe..

I miss those time when I have more times for blogging and blog-hop.. T_T
Anyway back to my weekend..

Friday night sleep late, Saturday wake up early,
Fit into the bad cutting ocean-blue sisters dress, alright I admit double-chin fatness, T_T


Wait for the brothers to arrive, wth so many brothers!!
CCH really have big network,
CCH and the brothers feel so relax passing through us because they break rules, hmpfff no fun,
but nevermind we got the $$$$$ 'ka-ching' we want.. Our Shirley worth alot of money.. ;o)

team 1

team 2

trying to rob the brother who holds the bag full of $$ =p

so relax.. sien si.. haha..

Everything went smooth and fast..
Now I think back of CCH's relax face hmmmpffff.. how can so easy.. haha..
The part I love the most is....
well not actually the time when CCH knee down and ask Shirley to marry him (ofcoz I love this part too!! =p )

it's the part when we leave the hotel to CCH's new house.. SO MANY CARS..
brothers cars block way for the newly weds car to pass smoothly..
no need police escort!! totally AWESOME.. =D

In the afternoon,
I have no place to go.. sad this feeling..
Everyone has their own things and place and home to attend to..
Lucky I have Nicole and Chai yu.. love this two so much..
We spend quality time talking.. How I miss our college life..
Without realising we have graduate for almost 4 years already..

Before getting ready for the dinner, me & Nicole went to enjoy the sun and wind by the sea..
Sit on green grass & watch people fishing.. It's a fishing spot..
sighs.. miss everyone already..

The night me & Joan went into the wrong ballroom.. tsk tsk tsk.. =p
Food was good.. CCH & Shirley look great..

Brothers & Sisters called up onto stage to greet wishes, do catwalk (shoot stare at ALLEN ANG) and sing 'lao shu ai da mi' with the newly weds.. =)
Non-stop photo taking.. Then off to Thai Bar..
Had supper & tea before heading back to sleep.. laugh so much at Leong.. being tease & 'cek cin' by us..
but he still have the energy to shoot me about Seng.. Alvin even call Seng and pass the phone to me.. walau.. I just hope Seng is ok about this *pai seh*, our friends love to do match make.. ;o)

JENNIFER TIEW where are you??

Once again congrats to the newly weds.. CCH & Shirley.. hmmm.. I wonder when can *the band* go travel again.. miss the laughs & fun.. =)

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