Sunday, October 18, 2009

Top 5 places I want to visit in Singapore

I was catching up with Boss Stewie- Tim and Ice Angel- Esther's blogs when I came across their entries on 'Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience' for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards.. I decide to do a post too..

I want to blog about the Top 5 places I want to visit in Singapore.. there is alot of places actually, at the meantime I'm going to name a few only..

My last trip to Singapore was like 3 years ago.. and alot of new things I want to see, and that time I was there I didn't get to visit some..

years back then ok.. =p

Random sorting.. #1..

The Singapore Flyer!!
I want.. I want.. I want.. I want to ride it!!!

so beautiful..!! =)

# 2..
VivoCity Shopping Mall~~

# 3..
Bungee Jumping at ClarkeQuay

I want to playyyyyy!!!

# 4..
Night walk at ClarkeQuay

# 5..

Additional.. I want to ride the cable car to Sentosa again.. ^^

I want to visit Singaporeeeeeee againnnnnn...........


Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

i wan to go also while kelly stil ther work ... hmmm...

Patricia said...

@Tze: when you plan to go? hehe..

exclusivelydaniel said...

haaha lets go pat.. next week.. winx.. i am backkkk...

miss me? nice new layout.. pls change ur pix.. hahahha last time till now.. LOL

Patricia said...

@Dan: yes I know you are back.. your darling Joan inform me already.. haha.. I can't go next week laaaa.. I'm so damn broke ok.. T_T

you know we all miss you.. *wink* haha.. bah lim teh liao.. by the way, Rue is back incase you forget.. HAHA.. =p

nice le.. I like this layout too.. sweet looking which suits me well.. haha.. and pleaseeee... I change oledi la, it's the best picture I got so far.. hahaha..! =p

- j o a n - said...


me oso broke..tis daniel oso broke liao.. still wanna go spend spend spend.. aiyoyo!!!

lim teh is sure de.. no problems..

Patricia said...

@Joan: yes super broke.. =p don't simply spend liao lo.. hehe..

David hogard said...

I just came across to your blog and reading your post about Singapore, i have never seen Singapore yet so i want to visit Singapore next year please guide me?