Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Favourite Moments on the 10/10/09 Wedding Day

**Happy Birthday to my Papa!! lub lub him..**

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This post, I'm going to show pictures from Jennifer's wedding day.. My favourite moments of the day..
Pictures are copied from Jenn's blog and FB album.. I love all the pictures, I love the photographer skill!! I want my *ehem* wedding photos to be taken like hers.. hehe..
Photographer: MedianLabs, Miri
Lets start off by showing.....
myself first of course.. haha..

wuuuulala.. me me..

ehem.. busy me againnn.. okok.. enuf of myself.. before Jenn scream.. hehe..
we congrats Jenn & Leon on newspaper.. Love the surprise look she had when she saw this early in the morning..

the sisters stand by at Jenn's
the *ehem cough* brothers getting ready on Leon's side

see the padlock? going to lock up the gate.. let the torturing session begin~


pump away.. pity Leon.. haha

pass the seaweed.. Leon the last one has to eat.. pity Kalun & Mike.. HAHA! =p

they sneak in through the back gate.. and the war starts..
we try to guard by the staircase..

yet we failed.. they carried us away.. one by one!! hmmpfff
you don't know how much I energy I use to shout here.. =S

The last step to see the bride.. Agreement for Leon to fill up.. At first, he wrote *when needed* luckily he change his answer after we ask him to answer properly.. hehe.. Leon was nervous I think.. HAHA..! =p

deng deng.. the groom saw his beautiful bride.. and take her away.. hehe..
'Jenn: FINALLY..' =p

before leaving the room.. signed agreement first! =D

Exchange vows by the beach.. it was a hottttt sunnyyyy day..

I have to walk on this sandy ground a few times with my heels.. ask the DJ whether he knows which songs to play.. get the guests to be sited without wasting more time.. ask Leon 'where is your *cough* brothers?' get Jenn's dad to get ready by the pathway to take Jenn's hand to Leon.. watch CCH busy with the video camera.. watch Daniel *puff puff away*.. from distance away under the trees watch the other sisters happily camwhore with the PRO photographers.. then off to meet Jenn..

to carry her dress.. hehe.. Me and Joan holds her dress.. Chai yu, Ing hui, Vera & Winnie at the front leading the walk..

Jenn with her dad.. need to pass hand to Leon liao.. =)

Jenn's happy smile..

*kiss* wish this newly weds lots and long happiness.. =)

finally can take picturessss!!! Don't we ladies just love this moment.. haha..

Pretty us with the beautiful Bride.. =) *snap snap awayyyy*

the cool look.. I LIKEEEYYYY this picture!

Princess with her hot sexy lip babe..

This babe has become one of my closest friend after we graduate from College.. who knows~ hehe..
A travelling partner.. My listener.. Always able to advice me, even if she have to repeat the same advice to remind me without complaining.. Always welcome me to bunk in with her.. A gossip partner.. One of the smart one in class yo.. hehe..
To me, she is a simple-happy-go-lucky person who do has her mood swing and temper, scare me sometime.. hehe.. buttttttt who cares.. She is a great friend to me.. Love you deep deep Jenn.. =)

We sisters with the *cough* good looking *cough* overseas brothers of Leon..!!!! =D

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Jennifer @ JeNn said...

FIRST! uuii seehh..

aaww.. i love u deep deep too babe!! too bad I only get to have my wedding once, i wanna re-experienced the fun again neh.. sienz.. haha..