Tuesday, October 27, 2009


oh well.. it's 4.43am now.. yes AM= morning.. and I don't know if I have slept.. I think I have for hmm two hours maybe.. consider yes? hehe..

ahhh I been busy with FB.. sighs.. hehe..

Just finished reading some blogs.. Jenn's, Tze's, Allen's & Joan's.. I wanted to read Daniel's but I lazy.. I need him to send me his link so I can just click it.. haha.. And this Rue hide hide his blog.. so secret like that.. want to read also cannot.. so bad one.. hmpffff.. hehe..

Before only I have a blog.. now lots of my close friends start their own too.. good this way, they won't keep bugging me for updates.. haha..

For the past few months, pictures which I took, I don't see myself smiling happily.. Now.. I think my smiles has return.. *only I will understand this.. hehe* =)

gosh.. it's lateeeee ;p
before the sunrise.. goodnight all.. =D


Rueburn Liang said...

my blog only for myself mah =D

Ray said...

i know y u smile again =p

Patricia said...

@Rueburn: Sharing is caring yes? haha..
@Ray: oi you don't simply guess.. kick you ah.. haha.. =p