Thursday, October 22, 2009

one owe me cookies!! one owe me present!!

Reached home from eating fried chicken wings, bbq chicken wings, veggie meelin & drank Carlsberg.. Guess where I went? hehe.. =p

The fried chicken wings was good!! Carlsberg is always good!! Drove a short distance with a big heavy car.. Long queue but we did not give up, managed to reach our destination with super duper hungry tummy..

Keep hearing two people sing the love for chicken wings song.. On the way back with the radio on listening to 'stand by me, oh darling darling stand, stand by, stand by me ohh stand by me' sing-along song.. wth.. haha.. The so-called road trip was good.. but no fun when people bully me.. T_T hehe.. I'm so kind and nice yet this people got heart to bully me.. tsk tsk tsk.. =D

I had fun.. laughing.. haha.. =)

*warning: do not post my picture you bad iphone!!!*

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