Wednesday, October 14, 2009

24th Birthday

Today is the time of year when I receive birthday greetings.. It's my birthday..

I'm getting older.. Sometime this fact kinda scare me.. Getting older yet I don't know where I should be or stand today.. I do have those thinking about wanting to be able to see the future, wanting to know where I will be in the next one or two years..

Maybe it's time that I should wake up and step out from my comfort zone.. I need a sign from God badly.. Can I wait till next year? Let's see how long I stand then..

Ever since the company's management gave me this disappointed feeling, I realise this isn't what I like to do.. Ever since I return from my KK trip, I keep thinking about my future.. I'm feeling helpless about it again.. Feels like I just graduate yesterday and having this mix feeling about my future..

O'well, I just have to keep reminding myself not to rush.. and take time to enjoy my life.. Life which I experience laughter, fun, love, hurt, trouble, challenges, decisions..
lifeeee~~~ I need strength to overcome all this please.. hehe.. =)

At this age, this birthday, coming years, I wish I find my right career, friends, path, place, love.. Happy Birthday to myself.. Thank God for this day.. =D


- j o a n - said...

how beautifully written blog. :)
Happy Birthday once again dear.. :)

Another year, another aim, another career waiting for u. Keep searching until u feel comfortable with. Be strong and step out!!

God will guide u!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE U DEEP DEEP!! - I think this summarize all liao.. hehe..