Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10/10/2009- The Morning Torturing Session


I had so much fun on this day.. It was the first time I'm a "sister" from the bride's side who get to torture the "brothers" from the groom's side.. Actually I never join or see this session before, perviously the first one I attend is at my cousin's but I was the bridemaid so I didn't experience the torturing session.. oh my.. I didn't except it to be so much fun.. I can't wait for Shirley's on 24/10.. hohohozzz..

My day started with Shirley pulling my blanket to wake me up.. We changed into our purple dress.. the sisiters dress colour.. then quickly off to see Jenn getting ready at her grandma's house.. her make up artist was great.. Jenn look beautiful.. Once she put on her million dollar *ehem* wedding dress, the sisters in purple dress starts to fill in the room.. 15 of us!! 15 hot babes of the day LOL yet we couldn't block those good looking Taiwan brothers.. wth.. no we are not weak ok.. LOL..

Once the groom with his Taiwan brothers arrived, my god they were so nosiy.. They keep on honk honk honk all the way till they stop their cars.. Then they came down and went in.. Their first imperssion for us sisters.. "quiet & soft" but after a glass of the *terrible mixed high high kick kick alcohol plus lime drink* for the each of them, their face starts to turn red and became so nosiy.. We all had a good laugh at Leon the groom with his soft voice shouting out the 8 international language of I Love You to the bride's window.. haha.. and grosssss when Leon have to eat the peices of seaweed passed to him by the brothers with their mouth.. haha..

Half way with the torturing game.. the brothers found a back door to went in the house.. wth.. we were like having war in the house.. the sisters ran to the stairs and half of us only manage to reach the stairs to block their way.. My god.. both side keep on shouting & shouting, I shout so much that I think I was going to lose my voice.. I use so much energy to push & block the groom & brothers way.. Continue shouting to bargain with the red packets.. At last not only did we not get more red packets, we sisters got carried by the brothers, one by one! and off they went up the stairs.. wth.. They do anything to get to the bride.. LOL..

Such a tiring dayyyyyy... but it was really filled with laughter and fun.. what a great experience.. =D

Next torturing session, our dear Shirley's wedding day.. muhahaha.. =p

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